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X-DAT Data exports

Associated Foreign Exchange (AFEX) is the market leader in the field of worldwide payment services.

Brake Supply Heavy Equipment

Address:35 KIMBERLEY ROAD, London, SW9 9DQ, UK
Phone: +447904713994

Makes / Brands:

Services: Parts and Components for Heavy Equipment

We are an US based rebuilding company with over 60 years of experience in the mining sector. We turnaround over 2000 final drives and 10000 cylinders per year. As a result we have excellent rates with the OEM manufacturers. We specialise in American made dump trucks, dozers and wheel loaders. For example: CAT, Euclid, Terex, Clark Michigan and Wabco. We specialise in the hydraulic, pneumatic, driveline, differential and brake parts for these machines.

What our customers say

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