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X-DAT Data exports

Associated Foreign Exchange (AFEX) is the market leader in the field of worldwide payment services.

New Magazine - Internet Affiliation

October 07th, 2002

WOW READ This ........
Transdat has been negotiating with the Earthmovers (Full Color) Magazine FINAL TRIM,
Transdat will have Members Machines and Trucks for Sale Listings published in Print form and ... the Bug Bear Virus, What to do ??

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Welcome New Member and Dealer Alert

September 30th, 2002

We Welcome a new Member, first Member from France, SOVAMAT, and a Fraudulent Dealer ALERT, Dealers read this ....

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Moved Servers & Print

September 24th, 2002

We have just moved servers for better service for Members and Visitors, .... Transdat and a Earthmovers type color Magazine are to merge as an affiliation ... WATCH THIS SPACE ...

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Fraudulent Parts Scam

September 01st, 2002

URGENT Attention: Dealers and Parts Suppliers, read this email copy of the NIGERIAN SCAM REPORT (Parts fraud for CAT ring Sets) with USA Secret Service Finance Division Contacts, and more .....

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New Members This Week !

August 03rd, 2002

We Welcome 2 new Members this week, Roy Story Parts and Equipment and Pse Parts & Service Equipment International Srl. and check out a FREE download for You !

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New Feature Announcement

August 01st, 2002

You can now display a thumbnail photo of a random listing you have on TransDat on your Web site!

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