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X-DAT Data exports

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Category: Earthmoving / Excavators
Make: Hitachi
Model: UH181
Year: 1987
Unit Location: Kentucky
Country: USA
SOLD 55000.00 USD (convert)
Tax: n/a, Pay Option: n/a
Updated: 11/05/2006 (day/month/year)
Status: Unit SOLD

Dealer:InterLink Equipment Inc.
Contact:Lauri Leskinen
Phone:1 914-949-2716 / 1 914-844-1627
Location:Scarsdale, New York USA
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Machine details

Description: good working condition
needs railsame size as EX400
Attachments: long stick, wide shoes (36").
available with new hydraulic hammer if needed
Additional message: We NOW sell complete sideboom-kits separately,
so you can convert your heavy dozer/s to a pipelayer,
we have many sizes from D4 Up,
Please contact us for further info.
Dealer Site: