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X-DAT Data exports

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Category: Attachments / Safety Items
Make: Miscellaneous
Model: CFK-65
Year: 2010
Unit Location: usa
Country: USA
Price: 9650.00 USD (convert)
Tax: n/a, Pay Option: Each
Updated: 18/09/2010 (day/month/year)
Status: For Sale

Dealer:Absolute Equipment Solutions
Location:Vancouver USA
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Machine details

Description: Standard Installation Includes:

Retarder with corresponding flange face to driveline series, mounting brackets and rubber shock mounts, control systems as specified above (either contact box controls, with dash mount indicator lights or electronic EPM/ECM system), dash mount hand control switch, on-off toggle switch with face plate (winter switch), wiring, driveline modifications, labor and 24 month warranty.

Foot controls for air brakes, electric contact box controls, add: $495.00
Foot controls for hydraulic brakes, electric contact box controls, add: $495.00
Foot controls for EPM/ECM electronic controls, add: $300.00

Items not covered in installation, but at addition cost:
Alternator upgrade; Battery upgrade; Extreme exhaust modifications; Fuel tank modifications, relocation, replacement; Relocation of air valves, tanks, etc.; Fabrication of additional brackets, shields, etc.

All prices shown in US dollars excluding tax. Standard sales & delivery terms apply.
This information is a copyright of KLAM America Corporation. Prices subject to change without notice.
Capacity: 15,000 Pnds
Comments: attachments safety items
Additional message: Authorized Dealer for HYDREMA Equipment
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